Fashion is neither moral nor immoral, but it is for rebuilding the morale.” This was how Karl Lagerfeld had considered vogue, and this is what makes the world of fashion design a prolific land to cultivate our aspirations, passions, and perceptions so we can watch them grow and take bright shapes.


Who are we?

We are HAZEL! A masterful fashion house and a singular street-wear brand!

To wake the stylish character who dozes off in you;

Our company is interested in fashion design and its accessories in a summer collection and a winter collection so each collection design is outstanding. We continue to renovate and improve our products to meet every taste and every trend.


Because we have something to tell you!

What sets us apart from others is that we have a crucial message to pass on to you: Get your imagination off the leash and let your clothes reflect your strength and your refined taste. Our mission is to help you reveal who you are and get people to face the full glory of your existence.


“L’habit ne fait pas le moine”  mais …

They say the clothes don’t make the monk but the dress makes the woman. The costume issue is also huge for those who want to appear to have what they don’t have because that’s often the best way to obtain it later!  Express yourself in a unique language where words are needless!


All right, why do we do that?

Our goal is clear, enriching the artistic and technical landscape of the fashion world by bringing our unique touch, footprint, and vision to it, so we are sure that one day we’ll become a global clothing brand! Why not? Even the impossible say: I’m possible!

Hey! Glad to see you here!

We are the founders of Hazel. We welcome you among us and thank you for the time you spent knowing more about us. So, have we convinced you? Not yet!? Okay, okay! Just…Please take a look at our designs. I’m sure you won’t resist its charm and it will convince you of the sincerity of what we just said. Happy day!!

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